Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Rise of Sir Fix-a-Lot

Last week I fixed a cassette tape, something that I'm sure 80% of the people I know would call a complete waste of time, but I did it anyway because that's what I do - I obsess and then I try to fix. I once replaced the battery in my old iPod Mini, so my lust for control over inanimate objects is always in need of quenching.

Here's what happened: I had an old cassette tape that was playing like crap. The pressure pad (look it up, it's exactly what it sounds like) had come loose, so I glued it back on. Mission accomplished? Nope. Tape still played like crap. Did some research on the internet. Bought a Maxell 60 minute blank tape (made it sure was the kind that's held together with tiny little screws). Cracked open the defective cassette and swapped out my tape with the one in the blank tape. Screwed it back together. Tape plays fine again. Ego swells. The end.

Last week I fixed a cassette tape.

What the fuck is my life coming to?

Update: I also recently engaged in some impromptu tape splicing after an Alice In Chains cassette (Dirt, if you're wondering) was loose and came completely off the reels. Yes, I could've downloaded the entire cd off of iTunes in the time it took me to fix, but I'm stubborn, so there.