Monday, April 18, 2011

Druidic Insult Machine

When I got home from working at the animation studio today, there was a small plastic bag waiting for me, courtesy of my friend Steve. When I emptied the bag, this is what was inside:

Several small, smooth stones... Painstakingly chosen and handpainted by Steve himself. He also included this note:

"Druidic Insult Machine

1) Choose two stones.
2) Join them in such a fashion as to create a sentence or rejoinder.
4) Have at it."

(Yes, he completely did away with Step 3.)

Each stone has been painted on both sides with various swear words and phrases. To illustrate, you can take this stone:

...and join it with this stone:

As you can see, these stones can provide several hours of entertainment and alienation possibilities. Thank you, Steve! Next time, I'll show off another creation of his known as the "Dress Kevy Metal Experience".